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About Independent Biologist Ltd

Independent Biologist Limited is a company set up in 2017 to fill a demand for independent auditing, training and consultancy. Focusing primarily on the Food and Pharmaceutical industries and initially specialising in Professional Pest Management. We can advise on the implementation and compliance to relevant industry standards and legislation. Managing Director, Philip Cranley, is a college graduate Industrial Biologist who has worked in the food industry, in laboratory and quality management roles. He has delivered biologists' inspections, training and consultancy to a wide range of food and pharmaceutical companies for 20 years through various pest control companies. Philip also has developed and successfully maintained ISO Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Standards for over 20 years. He has worked with the new European Professional Pest Management Standard EN 16636:2015, and implemented it.

The trend within the industry appears to be focusing on independent auditing and this is where Independent Biologist Ltd. sees the future. If you are a company seeking independent advice about your pest control needs, please contact us.